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Performance Concentrate

Cars, Trucks, ATV's, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Go Karts, Lawn Mowers, Etc.

Powermist Racing Fuel has announced the re-lease of the Powermist's Performance Concentrate.  This product is not just an octane booster, but a concentrated Racing Fuel.  Performance Concentrate can be mixed with any gas and will yield major performance  and maintenance advantages.

Peformance Concentrate utilizes the same technology that allows Powermist Racing Fuels to outperform all other fuels.  This concentrate was designed for the performance minded enthusiast who needs  that last bit of power and optimum performance out of their current fuel without searching for a higher priced racing fuel.

There are many variations on how to use PERFORMANCE CONCENTRATE:
  •     Blend with 100LL Aviation Fuel to get up to 112 octane race fuel.
  •     Blend with leaded race fuel for a NOS fuel to fit many applications.
  •     Blend with 93 pump gas to get up to 103 motor octane.
  •     Blend at lesser ratios to de-carbonize, clean and lubricate engines.
  •     Blend with any gas to extend storage life and stabilize fuel.
  •     Blend with other brands of racing fuel, leaded or unleaded, to achieve greater efficiency and power.

Other Benefits:

  •     Blends with and improves any gas.
  •     Compatible with O2 sensors and catalytic converters.
  •     Use at lesser ratios to clean engine of carbon deposits.
  •     Use in any gasoline powered engine from cars to weed wackers, home sedans to full out racers.
  •     Stabilizes gas for longer storage life.
  •     Improves acceleration and top end performance.
  •     Engine runs cooler, cleaner-longer.

Of course proper blending directions must be followed to achieve maximum performance results.  This product contains no alcohols or heavy metallics that can affect engine performance.

Available in 16oz and 32oz containers.

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