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Nitro Plus

Cars, Trucks, ATV's, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Go Karts, Lawn Mowers, Etc.

Oxygenating Additive:

Nitro Plus is the ENERGY DRINK for your engine!

A Nitromethane based product which contains 33% Nitromethane along with 2 other high power oxygenates combined to increase the oxygen carrying capacity as well as produce a faster flame travel. NITRO PLUS is more powerful than Nitromethane alone, and is less corrosive. NITRO PLUS works in stock or modified engines and mixes in both gasoline and methanol. Carries 53% oxygen, the strongest most powerful oxygenate on the market today!

As printed in "Quad Off-Road Magazine"
August 2008 Issue 




  "The conclusion after two days on the Dyno, The PowerMist Nitro Plus proved to be the biggest bang for your buck..." ; "The PowerMist Nirto Plus definitely performed the best out of all the additives."

Blended for:
  •     Higher Compression Performance Engines
  •     Super Charged - Turbo & Nitrous
  •     Circle Track - Drags - Pulling - ATV's
  •     Hi-Performance Street - Marine - Motorcycles
  •     Heavy Towing & RV Use
Add to:
  • Premium Unleaded - AV Gas - Race Gas - or Methanol
Typical Results:
  •     Major Increase in Engine Torque and HP
  •     Cools  Exhaust Temperatures
  •     Protects Against Detonation & Preignition
  •     Reduce 1/4 Mile ET One Tenth and Gain
  •     3-5 MPH Used at Racing Ratios
  •     Nitro Plus will not settle or separate when mixed properly
  •     Compatable with all Gasolines and Alcohol Fuels
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